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Inspire. Empower. Grow.

Prophit Co. is a communication company focused on organizational health.

Our name is a combination of being a prophet (historical reference) and making a profit.

The historical prophet received their information from an educated source and then shared it. We’ve gathered the best tools and practices for improving communication and inspiring and empowering businesses to grow.

Our philosophy is that people are motivated internally and externally. That’s why dignity and purpose are included in everything we communicate—we capture the spirit of human creativity and meaningful contribution in everything we do.

It’s how we help businesses go from ordinary to extraordinary—by helping people align around their common cause or purpose and work together to fulfill company goals.

Our Purpose

Let’s get real.

Joe Kiedinger is the founder and CEO of Prophit Co. His work with leaders in the organizational health space is transforming lives both at work and at home. Joe’s message of dignity in the workplace is an unconventional but undeniably effective approach to building stronger relationships which builds a better business and a better life. Prophit Co. helps leaders hire right, place right and retain great people.

This is such amazing information! This will change my life & hopefully the lives of others.
- Leadership Workshop Attendee

Organizational Health

You have everything on the line. So why not work to remove communication roadblocks and allow your employees to perform at their full potential? A process, coach and the right technology can set you on the right path towards achieving organizational health.



I’m interested in the importance of connection, the keys to relationship building, the science that drives us and the technology that can help us succeed quickly.  I want to figure out why my employees are really leaving and learn how I can prevent it. I want to bring dignity into my workplace and get to the root of great communication.

Feeling inspired?  Join Joe and Prophit Co. at our next event!

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We always knew our purpose. They helped us live it and embrace it.
- Paul Northway, American National Bank
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