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We exist to
Give people credit
for what they do
because of
who they are.

We are called to
Inspire and
businesses to

We live it through our core values
Dignity Agape - choose to respect. Perseverance We can accomplish more together. Unique Think differently. Courageous Bold humility. Process The system is the solution.

Start your organizational
health journey today.

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Vulnerability – The Characteristic of Champions

December 11, 2019 by Joe Kiedinger

Why are so many people afraid of being vulnerable? Why can’t many simply share what they’re feeling, openly and honestly? I think the #1 attribute of a great leader is humility. Humble leaders find it easy to be vulnerable. Vulnerability doesn’t mean over-sharing or involving an emotional breakdown. It simply means to listen with compassion and without judgement. As a…

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I Found Dignity on My Uber Ride!

December 4, 2019 by Joe Kiedinger

I landed in Lansing, Michigan for a one-on-one with my coach. I’m working hard at better understanding myself and how I can be a better leader. It’s a journey, not a destination. I called for an Uber and Maurice picked me up. He greeted me with wild optimism and genuine excitement to meet me. He doesn’t know me, and I…

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