Building healthy organizations.

We are a Leadership Company focused on Organizational Health.

Our process helps build strong relationships and achieve growth through a focus on dignity.

Organizational Health

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Build a cohesive team.

Organizational Communication gives you the tools to align your leadership teams around a shared company purpose and common goals. What comes next? Moving your organization forward.

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The stress-free leader.

Intrapersonal Communication uses brain science to help you grow as a leader. You’ll discover how your life experiences impact your leadership and learn to shut down the negative voice that discourages you. Yeah, you know the one.

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Conflict resolution, teamwork & cooperation.

Interpersonal Communication focuses on the importance of building personal connections to create strong teams. Our patented technology, Dignify®, identifies your teammates’ personal motivations and teaches you how to effectively communicate with them. A little dignity goes a long way!

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Purpose drives sales.

Purpose-Driven Marketing is the process of identifying your customers and establishing brand consistency. Use your company’s Brand Visuals and Brand Voice to build connections with your customers and let them know what you stand for. This is marketing… with purpose.

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Joe [and Prophit Co.] set us out on this course by helping us define purpose, by helping us understand our values and really put forward the motion of something as daunting as trying to shift a company's culture.
- Paul Northway, American National Bank
Goal-setting worksheets

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Re-imagine leadership with Prophit Co. Prepare to turn timeless leadership topics on their head – the rules have changed! Bring your team together to discover the impact human dignity can have on you and your organization.

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Find empowerment in vulnerability and gain the tools you need to influence positive change in yourself and with those you lead.

Unlock Your Potential

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Joe Kiedinger isn’t your everyday presenter. As a former cruise ship performer (yes, really), he brings energy. With his twenty-plus years of industry experience and studying successful businesses, he brings knowledge. The result? He’ll challenge you to re-imagine leadership and harness the power of dignity to get your team on the bus and moving in the same direction.

Ready to Re-Imagine?

Paul Northway

American National Bank
We always knew our purpose. They helped us live it and embrace it.
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Stephanie Schultz

Festival Foods
...they continue to do their part to keep our brand strong.
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Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration.

Understanding where others are coming from is critical in communicating and working toward a common cause.

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