The Prophit Co. Story

Our roots go back to 2002 when J. Kiedinger Advertising started in a humble ranch-style home on 9th Street in Green Bay. Initially, serving clients in advertising and marketing, it was Servant Leadership that drew the interest of our founder, Joe Kiedinger, even more. This new passion led Joe down a path of more than 20 years of research about leadership.

Along the way, Joe discovered the idea for his life-changing, patented technology, Dignify, while playing a board game with his stepson, Alex. Having struggled for a few years to communicate effectively with his pre-teen, he suddenly realized that he was taking the wrong approach.

Alex wasn’t like Joe. Alex was sensitive, thoughtful and soft-natured. Joe needed to speak Alex’s language and follow his rules of communication if they were going to truly understand one another. That’s how Dignify’s first seed was planted.

The Dignify technology advances the mission of what is now Prophit Co., a leadership development company that builds confident leaders and healthy cultures through a focus on dignity.

What We Do

We provide leadership development training and executive coaching services to increase leaders’ confidence and a technology that allows leaders to place people on the right seat on the bus, communicate effectively, remove barriers, and bring out the best in their team.

Why does Prophit Co. exist?
To give people credit for what they do because of who they are.

What is Prophit Co. called to do?
To inspire and empower businesses to grow.

How does Prophit Co. do it?
By living our core values

Core Values

Dignity: Agape – choose to respect.

Perseverance: We can accomplish more together.

Unique: Think differently.

Courageous: Bold humility.

Process: The system is the solution.