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Do you ever have those days where you just need a little inspiration but don’t have a ton of time? Yeah, we do too.

Read on for some tools and tips to help you improve your leadership and your business. Don’t worry, they’re quick reads.*

*Apparently, humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish nowadays

Wisdom on Wednesday A Hidden Crisis

The shiny, little red Porsche, the hair plugs, the new, on trend shoes. We’ve all heard of the notion of…

June 16, 2021 Read
Weekly Cup of Joe The Need for Speed

Check out this Weekly Cup as Joe digs into the midlife crisis and what it’s really all about. Is it…

June 14, 2021 Watch
Wisdom on Wednesday How Did We Forget This?

Imagine yourself under the bright lights, reclined in a dental office chair, mouth open wide. You’re about to have a…

June 9, 2021 Read
The Dignity Dialogue Promoting YOU with Shelley Peterson

Joe Kiedinger of Prophit Co. and Shelley Peterson, CEO of Promoting Me, LLC, discuss how each person’s unique dignity can…

June 8, 2021 Listen
Weekly Cup of Joe A Missing Piece

Today, Joe is out and about in a local industrial park to illustrate an often-overlooked notion. In business, when we…

June 7, 2021 Watch
Wisdom on Wednesday Move on Back, Move on Back

If you missed last week’s news, we made a huge announcement! Prophit Co. has just revealed our newest endeavor: Leadership…

June 2, 2021 Read
Weekly Cup of Joe Why a Bus?

In this Weekly Cup of Joe, he explains the why behind our new Leadership Adventures bus. There’s more to it…

May 31, 2021 Watch
Weekly Cup of Joe A Big Unveiling

Joe is sharing one huge reveal in this Weekly Cup of Joe. Want an inside peek? Get ready to discover…

May 26, 2021 Watch
Wisdom on Wednesday A Big Reveal to Disrupt the Ordinary

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I’ve often taken the UN-institutional approach to everything in…

May 26, 2021 Read

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Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration.

Understanding where others are coming from is critical in communicating and working toward a common cause.