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Do you ever have those days where you just need a little inspiration but don’t have a ton of time? Yeah, we do too.

Read on for some tools and tips to help you improve your leadership and your business. Don’t worry, they’re quick reads.*

*Apparently, humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish nowadays

Blog Choose Gratitude

Traditionally, I always take this week off from writing WOW, but I want to leave you with one thought. Attitude…

November 25, 2020 Read
Blog It’s What’s Holding You Back!

Would you be surprised to hear that your own worst enemy lives much closer to home than you’d ever imagined?…

November 18, 2020 Read
Blog Stop Being So Damn Nice… Seriously!

There’s a real difference between being kind and being nice. What kind of person are you? A nice person is…

November 11, 2020 Read
Blog How to Avoid the #1 Leadership Hazard

It’s a pandemic that’s been going on long before Covid: STRESS. And breaking away from it is the singular most…

November 4, 2020 Read
Blog Should you really trust your gut?

We’ve all heard the old adage: always trust your gut. But what does it really mean? Our bodies give us…

October 28, 2020 Read
Blog How to Leave Fear Behind

Fear itself doesn’t exist. It’s really and truly just a construct of your mind. That’s why I like to refer…

October 21, 2020 Read
Blog It Turns Out Opposites Don’t Attract

You can’t be both anxious and peaceful at the same time.You can’t be both furious and ecstatic at the same…

October 14, 2020 Read
Blog Get a Handle on Yourself

The mind is like an iceberg. It floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water. –Sigmund Freud Our brains are…

October 7, 2020 Read
Blog Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Ah, the Neapolitan Building. As I sit at my desk each day, brainstorming, writing and considering the next steps for…

September 30, 2020 Read

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Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration.

Understanding where others are coming from is critical in communicating and working toward a common cause.