Festival Foods’ position in the market changed to be less price-driven and more value-driven; because of that, an opportunity arose to create a new tagline. The goal of the new tagline was to give Festival Foods credit for what they do well. Every brand, if it’s truly growing, needs to be redefined as it takes a foothold in a market. Festival Foods’ original tagline, “Great Stuff, for not alotta money,” did not fully encapsulate what the brand was all about. It was time to establish a new message that gave Festival credit for their attention to detail, customer service and offerings.


Our strategy was to point out to potential new consumers all of the unique, often overlooked, offerings that truly encapsulate why a person would choose Festival Foods as their primary grocery store. Our approach started the same way we begin all of our challenges… with an Uncovery. Our Uncovery included combining all available industry research, identifying key objectives and conducting relevant interviews with key individuals. Once this data was collected, we were able to create a story that Festival Foods could easily understand. Once we established this story, we condensed it into a bite-sized (pun intended), easy-to-communicate, differentiating brand slogan: “…it’s the little things!”

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Festival Foods’ Leadership Team unanimously agreed with the new slogan. Festival Foods’ “…it’s the little things” video campaign won 1st Place at the 2017 National Grocers Association for grocery chains over 15 stores campaign. Furthermore, ‘…it’s the little things’ focuses our marketing efforts to be deliberate and intentional.

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