Walbec Group is a collection of companies who formerly worked under five individual brand identities. For decades these companies worked in a siloed fashion and, naturally, were protective of their respective territories. They were very prideful of the company they represented. We decided to use that to our advantage. Prophit was engaged to help them unify their companies under one brand which is now known as the Walbec Group.


In order to preserve and celebrate the unique identity of each company, Prophit orchestrated interviews with key individuals from all five companies. We identified their key values and strengths, as well as their weaknesses. Upon completing all interviews and compiling the data, we established similar values which they all shared. The data was presented at the first ever all-company gathering held at Miller Park. Here the President presented the findings and revealed a unified values system that all employees could connect with. Finally, the President challenged the employees to submit ideas for a new company name that would be the umbrella company to bring the five companies together under one unified brand, yet preserving the five distinct companies and their individual offerings. Our team supported Walbec Group in executing the entire presentation for the all-company event, including messaging, naming of the event, video creation and event logistics and coordination.

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The concept of one brand has been successfully adopted since it’s inception. The President has toured the 5 locations to bring understanding to this change. Walbec Group has since updated all of their companies’ marketing materials to reflect their new unified branding.

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