Do you ever have those days where you just need a little inspiration but don’t have a ton of time? Yeah, we do too.

Read on for some tools and tips to help you improve your leadership and your business. Don’t worry, they’re quick reads.*

*Apparently, humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish nowadays

Weekly Cup of Joe Being a Great Leader is Being a Great Follower

When you support your leader’s vision, great harmony can exist among the employee base. When a leader or two choose…

October 17, 2022 Watch
Wisdom on Wednesday Why to Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Do you feel comfortable admitting you don’t know something or asking for help? Can you share a different perspective during…

October 12, 2022 Read
The Dignity Dialogue How to Reverse Self-Doubt with Michele Molitor

In this inspiring episode, Joe and April sit down with Michele Molitor, founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting, Inc. and…

October 11, 2022 Listen
Weekly Cup of Joe Words, Words, Words

The words you say die with you that day, but can live in another forever! This week choose words that…

October 10, 2022 Watch
Weekly Cup of Joe The Strands That Bind Us

Strands are different for everyone. If you have a relationship that was good and is now not so good, identify…

October 3, 2022 Watch
Wisdom on Wednesday Will You Plan Today or React Tomorrow? The Generational Shift in Your Workplace

Over the course of the next eight years, 10,000 Baby Boomers will hit retirement age EACH DAY, according to the…

September 28, 2022 Read
Weekly Cup of Joe You can be 100% right and 100% wrong at the same time

You can be 100% right and 100% wrong at the same time. When your ego and self righteousness presents information…

September 26, 2022 Watch
Weekly Cup of Joe Changing Leadership Mindsets

You would be surprised on how education around the new mindset of leadership is often well received from old mindset…

September 19, 2022 Watch
Wisdom on Wednesday The Leadership Philosophy Slowing the Employee Exodus

Join us for Power Up: Leadership at LambeauOctober 6th from 9AM – 4PMWith all the Prophit Co. coaches and guest…

September 14, 2022 Read

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Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration.

Understanding where others are coming from is critical in communicating and working toward a common cause.