Do you ever have those days where you just need a little inspiration but don’t have a ton of time? Yeah, we do too.

Read on for some tools and tips to help you improve your leadership and your business. Don’t worry, they’re quick reads.*

*Apparently, humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish nowadays

Blog Why Fair Treatment Isn’t Equal

It’s time we consider that despite great intentions of treating everyone in the workplace equally… maybe equal treatment isn’t fair….

July 5, 2023 Read
Articles How Healthy Conflict is Part of Effective Communication

June is Effective Communication Month, so we thought we’d bring to light one often overlooked part of, well, communicating effectively….

June 28, 2023 Read
Videos It’s Time To Get Organized

Every process needs a starting point, and sometimes that means you need to get messy! Your organizational health journey is…

June 26, 2023 Watch
Videos We Get It… It’s Not Easy…

In this Weekly Cup of Joe, Joe walks through the struggle of change and how to get your head around…

June 21, 2023 Watch
Blog Are You Falling Down the Victim Ladder?

In my last WOW, I mentioned the ‘victim ladder’ and got feedback that you want to learn more about it….

June 21, 2023 Read
Videos Look Through the Windshield

In this Weekly Cup of Joe, Joe touches on how to wrap your head around new generations coming into the…

June 14, 2023 Watch
Articles How Microaggressions May Be Harming Your Team

In recent years, the term “microaggression” has become somewhat of a buzz word. Dialogue has sprung up all over the…

June 14, 2023 Read
Podcast Dignity in Grief with Thom Cody

If you’re grieving or have lost someone in your life, listen in. Our guest, Thom Cody of Pathmakers, shares his…

June 13, 2023 Listen
Blog How to Scientifically Stop Your Negativity Bias

This morning, when you left for work, where was your head at? Did you drag yourself into the car while…

June 7, 2023 Read

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Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration.

Understanding where others are coming from is critical in communicating and working toward a common cause.