Would you rather? a lesson on business leadership from my daughter

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - Joe Kiedinger

IMG_0646.jpgThis drawing was crafted by my own brilliant 11 year old daughter, Aria. She came up to Prophit Headquarters to assist me with the taking down of Christmas decorations. During a lull in the task, she drew this lovely inspirational and artistic picture.

It asks the questions, “Would you rather be a big flower with little dreams, or a little flower with big dreams?”


When I saw it was blown away. I said, “Aria, did you read that somewhere or did you come up with that yourself?”


She said, “It just came to me ’cause I love drawing flowers.” I asked, “So, what would you rather be?” Her response, “A small flower with big dreams… for sure!” That’s my girl!


Wisdom from an eleven year old!

Joe Kiedinger


ACTION PLAN: Decide. What would you rather be?


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