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Employee Engagement By The Numbers

Did you know that 71% of employees are not fully engaged in their work? Are you witnessing this in your organization? Well we’ve got a solution! Creating a high level of employee engagement and culture can be created and enhanced, but it needs to begin with you! This behavior and practice doesn’t need to start with the CEO or with senior leadership. It can begin with one person, making a decision that no matter how a person may treat you; you will always choose to respond with dignity and respect.


What Can Kill Your Business in Ten Seconds Flat?

You might have a highly-talented team, beautiful product, organized and efficient systems, and a knack for closing the deal, but before a customer ever sets foot in your door, there is something that can kill your business. Any idea what it is?

The first impression.


Brighten Your Brand – Finding Your Purpose!

If you’ve ever been around young children, you’ll agree, the word “why” is a common choice in vocabulary. Even if the outcome is what adults would consider the most common of sense, leave it to a toddler to ask why? Frustrating, certainly, but after some thought, I think they may be on to something.

Leadership Linking, September 2016 Edition

Do your employees feel valued, heard, and appreciated? The September 2016 Edition of Leadership Linking explores these ideas for developing a strong employee culture. Each month we go on the search for you and share our 5 best leadership findings.



While on the road on a recent dignity tour, I met a manager of a cookie store that truly moved me. Her name is Allis. Allis has a near perfect turnover record, her people love her. She handed me this poem on attitude that acts as her compass in life and I would like to share it with all of you.


Leadership Linking, August 2016 Edition

Make a positive impact on your team and your business with the August 2016 Edition of Leadership Linking. Each month we go on the search for you and share our 5 best leadership findings.