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Hire Right, Place Right, Retain!

If you are in the talent management arena, this article is for you. This means if you are in HR, a Supervisor, a Manager or in the C-Suite. This post is for you.

The Tower of Precious!

My daughter Alina (on the bottom) sent me this pic of her and her friends with a fresh new idea! If you look closely, you will see that each girl supports the girl above her. Because of the angles and doorway width, it creates the perfect structure for stacking. This Millennial generation has such bright ideas!


It’s the little things that matter!

I just returned home from an amazing place…Colorado! This is my second year of going out West for a few days. While there, I skied Winter Park with a couple of my buddies. I was expecting a great ski mountain and beauty all around, and I definitely got that! What I wasn’t expecting was the quaint village that was built around the mountain.


Reaching new levels!


There are people who are built to improve things. This picture has a much improved bloody mary! Check this out! Have you ever seen a creation of such beauty and abundance? This was discovered by my wife when on a business trip with her salon. It is designed for four people to share. She drank the whole thing! Kidding, she shared it with four other people!


Are you afraid of getting mud on your face?

Fear! What is fear? Fear is the unknown. Humans have this primitive fear of what they don’t know. Fear shows its face in subtle phrases we say or hear: “What do you mean by that? Why do they behave that way? What’s happening next?” It is directly connected to change. We hate change because we do not know what to expect and how we fit into the change.


Opportunities to Connect Always Amaze!

Alex w-guitar 08.13.14About a month ago my son Alex and some friends were outside hanging out on our patio. I decided to join them and just “hang out”. They are all great guys. We had great conversation and the moment even led to some music. Here’s Alex playing the Beatles tune, Blackbird, on his guitar. He plays it clean. The acoustic guitar cuts the night like sweet honey.