Weekly Cup of Joe

Need a pick me up from a seasoned leader and executive coach? Joe’s weekly videos only require a minute of your time but are packed with inspiration for leaders.

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Videos There’s Only One You

Joe brings us to a very unexpected place in this Weekly Cup of Joe and inspires us to bring our…

August 16, 2021 Watch
Videos International Relations

Want a sneak peek inside the Prophit Co. offices? In this Weekly Cup, Joe is thinking globally.

August 9, 2021 Watch
Videos Responding to the Unexpected

In this Weekly Cup, Joe shares footage from a very special place and explains just why it has caused him…

August 2, 2021 Watch
Videos You’re Irreplaceable

In this Weekly Cup, Joe’s live from the cabin to share the importance of personal purpose.

July 26, 2021 Watch
Videos It’s Time For Your Check-Up

Joe is out and about in Green Bay to illustrate how we dig in, diagnose and bring greater “health” to…

July 19, 2021 Watch
Videos You Do You, Boo

In this Weekly Cup, Joe shares a piece of Prophit history as he explains how we can bring out the…

July 12, 2021 Watch
Videos Let’s Do Life Together

Want to build rapport, trust and connection with your associates? In this Weekly Cup, Joe explains why he firmly believes…

July 5, 2021 Watch
Videos Do Intentions Matter?

Have you ever dinged someone’s dignity, but it wasn’t your intent? In this Weekly Cup, Joe shares a book that…

June 28, 2021 Watch
Videos Guiding Light

Your company may have Core Values in place, but how well are they being applied every day? In this Weekly…

June 21, 2021 Watch