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Videos It’s Adventure Time!

Are you a new leader? It’s time to move your team in a fresh direction! Let’s take them on a…

May 8, 2023 Watch
Videos Which Tent Are You?

In this WCOJ, Joe shares insight on being content vs. discontent… Do you know which ‘tent’ you live in? Let’s…

May 1, 2023 Watch
Videos Words… the True Gift

In this week’s Weekly Cup of Joe, Joe shares a way that words had an impact on his birthday week!…

April 24, 2023 Watch
Videos It’s Power Up Time!

In this Weekly Cup of Joe, we are at the Fox Cities Stadium getting ready for our first Power Up…

April 17, 2023 Watch
Videos Ditch the Fiction!

Do you have this one backwards? In this WCOJ, Joe shares why leaders need to focus on reality versus perception.

April 12, 2023 Watch
Videos Work Your Way Up!

🏁A challenge for you this week Set a development track for one area of your business and start to develop…

April 3, 2023 Watch
Videos Don’t Assume You’re Innocent!

In this Weekly Cup of Joe, Joe shares some more wisdom from Dr. Donna Hicks, one of the world’s leading…

March 27, 2023 Watch
Videos Don’t Take the Bait!

In this Weekly Cup, Joe’s sharing some wisdom from Dr. Donna Hicks, one of the world’s leading authorities on dignity….

March 20, 2023 Watch
Videos Discover Your WHY

The 2 greatest days in your life… the day you were born and the day you discover WHY! Join us…

March 13, 2023 Watch