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Blog Great Leaders Coach People by Doing This

How did you get into your job role? The vast majority of people start with an entry-level position and are…

May 24, 2023 Read
Blog Why Personality Tests Don’t Work

Personality tests have been around for decades, with the aim of helping people understand themselves better—or in the workplace, helping…

May 10, 2023 Read
Blog Have a Pot-Stirrer on Staff? How to Calm the Waters

We’re still abuzz here at Prophit Co. We just had a STELLAR experience at our April 17th Power Up event….

April 26, 2023 Read
Blog Losing Steam at Work? How to Fill Your Cup

Join us for Power Up: Spring TrainingApril 17th2 p.m. – 5 p.m.FREEWith all the Prophit Co. coaches and guest facilitator,…

April 12, 2023 Read
Blog Why Mattering at Work is the New Metric to Track

The United States Surgeon General, also known as the nation’s doctor, is typically known for sharing reports on topics like…

March 29, 2023 Read
Blog How Well Do You Know Your Team?
Four Ways to Get Started Building a Cohesive Team

As a Fun Country guy, I love coming up with ways to have a little fun with the Prophiteers by…

March 15, 2023 Read
Blog Why You Need to Focus on Building a Cohesive Team First

I’m back home after a whirlwind of travel from beautiful Napa, California to the snowy northwoods of Wisconsin, home of…

March 1, 2023 Read
Blog How to Keep Your Core Values Alive and Kickin’

In my last WOW, I defined “core values” and how to develop your own. If you missed that blog post,…

February 15, 2023 Read
Blog Need Direction? How Core Values Can Be Your Guidepost

We all face moments of struggle—days when communication totally falls through or poor decisions are made. When that happens, it’s…

February 1, 2023 Read