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Wisdom on Wednesday

Help Your Brain Reset

Did you know that we’re in the middle of Mental Health Awareness Month? Living in these unusual times, it’s more…

View Post May 20, 2020
Welcome to the 1970s

Leisure suits, platform boots, disco music and feathered hair. The 70s brought us so much. It was also the time…

View Post May 13, 2020
Slowing the Rumor Mill

There’s a very simple tool you can start using right now to help cut through worry and anxiety in the…

View Post May 6, 2020
Anticipating the Day

My girls have always been very active with performing arts extracurriculars—taking voice, acting and dance lessons. Now that those classes…

View Post April 29, 2020
Discover How to Flip the Switch

Prophit Co. has always begun each day with a morning huddle—now simply via Zoom video chat instead of in our…

View Post April 22, 2020
Thank You

Today I would just like to put out a giant, “Thank you!” to all of our essential American workers who…

View Post April 15, 2020

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