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Wisdom on Wednesday Next Stop, Burnout

We’ve all been there. Your plate is too full, juggling meetings, emails, office conversations, kid pickups, yard work, family obligations….

October 13, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Resisting Change

Does fear hold you back? There’s fear of uncertainty—will the big proposal go through? Fear of ridicule—what will others think…

October 6, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Feel Those Vibes

We’ve all sensed it before. Have you ever walked into the office in the morning and even before anyone has…

September 29, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Pedal On

Have you ever been to Jill’s Bar or Lenny’s Tap in Green Bay? Tell ‘em I sent you! We just…

September 22, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday The Golden Rule is Wrong

When I discovered how our human dignity connects us, I was so fascinated that I needed to keep researching and…

September 15, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Connection Time

Have you ever woken up in the morning, had one thing go awry and then declared the whole day a…

September 8, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Are You Trailblazing or Coattailing?

We honor the various experts in our field that are bringing organizational health to the mainstream with cameos along the…

September 1, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Spiraling Up or Down?

A few weeks back I shared some hard news with you. Our family land “up nort” as we say in…

August 25, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Who’s Replaceable?

Years ago, a mentor of mine drove me through a local cemetery in hopes of articulating an important lesson. As…

August 18, 2021 Read