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Our Team

Joe Kiedinger, CEO
Danica Kiedinger, CFO / COO

Danica Kiedinger


Brett Buboltz, Account Manager

Brett Buboltz

Account Manager

Courtney Svoboda, Project Management Lead

Courtney Svoboda

Project Management Lead

Carly Sauld, Project Manager

Carly Sauld

Project Manager

Kari Knitt, Production Manager

Kari Knitt

Production Manager

Carrianne Nackers, Art Director

Carrianne Nackers

Art Director

Nathan Walasek, Web Designer / Developer Lead

Nathan Walasek

Web Designer / Developer Lead

Dustin Onesti, Web Developer / Systems Admin

Dustin Onesti

Web Developer / Systems Admin

Sam Scott, Media Marketing Specialist

Sam Scott

Media Marketing Specialist

April Johnson, Prophit / Dignify Coach

April Johnson

Prophit / Dignify Coach

Laurie Vandenelzen, Billing Coordinator

Laurie Vandenelzen

Billing Coordinator

Emily Hargarten, Mid-Level Designer

Emily Hargarten

Mid-Level Designer

Alison Hart, Production Artist

Alison Hart

Production Artist

Jacob Angle, Production Artist

Jacob Angle

Production Artist

Elizabeth Hein, Junior Graphic Designer

Elizabeth Hein

Junior Graphic Designer

Lauren Hitt, Copywriter & Editor

Lauren Hitt

Copywriter & Editor

Rachel Ott, Copywriter & Editor

Rachel Ott

Copywriter & Editor