Meet Joe

Joe Kiedinger is an executive coach, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, CEO of Prophit Co., creator of Dignify, husband, and father of four. He is deeply passionate about his personal purpose: teaching acceptance in an unaccepting world.

With twenty-plus years of industry experience and a background as a cruise ship entertainer, Joe brings both wisdom and passion to his work.

He’ll challenge you to re-imagine how you lead others and will harness the power of dignity to get your team on the bus, moving in the same direction.

Executive Coach

Want an experience focused on your real-time challenges? Joe will get to know you and understand what you’re up against personally and professionally—creating a safe space to dig into your struggles and find solutions that really work.

It’s a powerful experience that is unique to each person’s needs. Together, you can unpack your personal story, perform a leadership uncovery, create your vision, and form a cohesive team and dignified culture.

Ready to step into your leadership potential, with confidence?


Keynote Speaker

It’s time to re-think what it means to be a great leader. Joe’s “Leadership Re-Imagined” ideology challenges the traditional leadership model many of us grew up with.

Joe has uncovered a key that connects people quickly… dignity. Giving people credit for exactly who they are, not who you want them to be.

It means hiring people who are right for your company and the job because of their unique emotional drivers and putting them in a position to succeed from the outset.

It means taking the time to get to know their story so you can humanize and not objectify them.

As a former performer with Carnival Cruise Lines and Let Me Be Frank Productions, Joe’s presentation style is high-energy and entertaining. He will challenge and enlighten your audience to re-imagine what it means to lead.


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Joe's Books

The Dignity Based Franchise book by Joe Kiedinger

The Dignity Based Franchise

Joe Kiedinger is the creator of Dignify, a proven, pioneering workplace communication system that enables business leaders to create dignity-based cultures to strengthen understanding and cooperation while increasing employee engagement, improving hiring effectiveness and retention, and ultimately spurring greater innovation and productivity.

The Brander In Chief book by Joe Kiedinger

The Brander-In-Chief

The Brander In Chief reveals 7 practical, easy-to-understand and yet critical fundamentals for business success. Properly and consistently applied, these 7 proven action steps can literally transform your business and your life!