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Joe Kiedinger

Joe Kiedinger is a well-versed keynote speaker, entrepreneur, author of three books on leadership: The Brander in Chief, Remove Your Fear, Build Your Career and A Dignity Based Franchise, CEO of Prophit Co. and its sister company, Dignify®, husband, and father of four. He is deeply passionate about his personal purpose: teaching acceptance in an unaccepting world.

As a former performer with Carnival Cruise Lines, Joe’s style is high-energy and entertaining. He has a passion for great leadership, having dedicated nearly two decades of his life to studying successful businesses, their leaders, published psychologists and the science of the brain. What he discovered was surprising: great leaders are similar to great parents. They are strict, but fair, treat each person as a unique individual and they celebrate small victories often. In other words, they dignify those they lead.

Inspired by his relationship with his stepson, Alex, and his business experience, Joe also created a life-changing tool, Dignify. Having struggled for a few years to communicate effectively with his pre-teen, he suddenly realized that he was taking the wrong approach. Alex wasn’t like Joe. Alex was sensitive, thoughtful and soft-natured. Joe needed to speak Alex’s language and follow his rules of communication if they were going to truly understand one another. Dignify is a patented technology that walks you through how to communicate with others, whether it be your stepson or your coworkers, based on their personal, emotional drivers.


Today’s leaders need to reimagine everything they’ve learned about leadership—the rules have changed!

Timeless topics around leadership like accountability, engagement and motivating employees must be reevaluated. The old ways of leading are no longer effective. Joe has uncovered a key that connects people quickly… dignity. Giving people credit for exactly who they are, not who you want them to be. It means hiring people who are right for your company and the job because of their unique emotional drivers and putting them in a position to succeed from the outset.

It means taking the time to get to know their story so you can humanize and not objectify them.

As a former performer with Carnival Cruise Lines and Let Me Be Frank Productions, Joe’s presentation style is high-energy and entertaining. He will challenge and enlighten your audience to reimagine what they learned about leadership through energized and thought-provoking presentations.

Join the exclusive group who have welcomed Joe’s message of dignity:

  • Kraft Foods
  • National Grocers Association
  • WSAE
  • WE Energies
  • Global Franchise Group
  • and many others!



I’m interested in the importance of connection, the keys to relationship building, the science that drives us and the technology that can help us succeed quickly.  I want to figure out why my employees are really leaving and learn how I can prevent it. I want to bring dignity into my workplace and get to the root of great communication.

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The Dignity Based Franchise

Joe Kiedinger is the creator of Dignify, a proven, pioneering workplace communication system that enables business leaders to create dignity-based cultures to strengthen understanding and cooperation while increasing employee engagement, improving hiring effectiveness and retention, and ultimately spurring greater innovation and productivity.

The Brander-In-Chief

The Brander-In-Chief reveals 7 practical, easy-to-understand and yet critical fundamentals for business success. Properly and consistently applied, these 7 proven action steps can literally transform your business and your life!


Your story matters!
- Joe Kiedinger

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