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Improve leadership, communication and team performance at your company.

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Better Relationships. Better Business.

Timeless topics around leadership like accountability, engagement and motivating employees must be reevaluated. The old ways of leading are no longer effective. Joe has uncovered a key that connects people quickly… dignity. Giving people credit for exactly who they are, not who you want them to be. It means hiring people who are right for your company and the job because of their unique emotional drivers and putting them in a position to succeed from the outset.

As a former performer with Carnival Cruise Lines and Let Me Be Frank Productions, Joe has a high-energy and entertaining presentation style. Joe’s keynote speaking engagements challenge and enlighten your audience to reimagine what they learned about leadership through energized and thought-provoking presentations.

Joe delivers keynote speaking topics including:

Emotional Intelligence

Improve your ability to understand those around you—and build meaningful relationships.


Hone your leadership skills with re-imagined tools for today’s business.

Retention Strategies

Learn how to create a culture of stayers, not leavers.

Employee Engagement

Gain the tools to implement healthy conflict resolution, teamwork and cooperation at your company.


Learn to get real with straightforward, honest communication.

Focusing on dignity has really helped our team become more conscious about each other’s actions. It has raised curiosity and prompted dialog as to where each of us are coming from. There’s something special about people being appreciated for who they are.
- Leadership workshop attendee

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