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I Found Dignity on My Uber Ride!

I landed in Lansing, Michigan for a one-on-one with my coach. I’m working hard at better understanding myself and how…

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Happy Thanksgiving, Readers!

As is tradition, this is the one week I do not write a “Wisdom on Wednesday.” I simply want to…

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Humbled To The Core

I’m writing this in gentle reflection of gratitude and awe. I’m referring to the 18 individuals we employ here at…

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Abundant Thinking

Nelson Mandela is most credited with an idea that I have interpreted as follows: people aren’t afraid of failure. What…

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Change Or Be Stuck In The Change!

Well, I was forced to change last week. I was at a hotel in downtown Milwaukee participating as a speaker-presenter…

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Let’s Do Life Together

Let’s look to history for the various “ages” we’ve sailed through beginning with the Industrial Age. This was the age…

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