Strategic Planning

Culture Alignment

Company culture is critical to the success of any organization. Your core leadership team will develop and align around a common vision for your culture using Rockefeller’s Six Critical Questions and achieve team cohesion through a Dignify training and Snapshot reveal. You will proudly share your new cultural vision to your entire team, creating a seamless transition.

Strategic Alignment

Healthy organizations are constantly pursuing new goals. Our process will pull key contributors and decision makers together to address what is most important right now. You will work as a team to establish initiatives and delegate owners to move you toward your goals. Paired with 90-day strategic planning meetings, your company will make faster progress than ever before.

Project Team Alignment

Working on a new project that absolutely must succeed? Set your team up for success with project-focused alignment. We will equip you with the basics of Emotional Intelligence as well as healthy coping techniques for stress and conflict. Align as a team with Dignify, and establish key behaviors that will promote collaboration, communication and accountability from the start.

Operational Communication

Efficiency and collaboration have a direct effect on your bottom line. Boost yours with an operational strategy. We will assess the state of your people processes and opportunities through a series of sessions to include Roles & Responsibilities Sheet Creation, People Analyzer, and Right Seats on the Bus/Unique Abilities—all creating a game plan to achieve your desired results.

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