Team Building

Team-building Dignify Education Session

Your team members will complete a 100% unique Dignify Snapshot and discover why dignity is the key to leadership and how it can build a healthy workplace culture.

We will have a powerful discussion about accountability, vulnerability, humility, trust, and collaboration that will inspire a new journey for your team.



Activating Communication Session

With your newfound understanding of dignity in communication, your team will use the Dignify system, learning to communicate effectively through active listening exercises.

Participants will be paired strategically by leadership to discuss their motivations using the Dignify Check-In. This fun, impactful approach will help your team build trust, respect furthering mutual understanding.





You’re always saying how you need to get your people on the proverbial bus—all highly motivated, sharing a cohesive vision and moving in the same direction. Well, that bus exists… and only Prophit Co. has it.

Get ready to re-imagine leadership and get your team on THE BUS! Leadership Adventures is a delightful offsite experience that blends teambuilding fun and world-class leadership training.




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