Wisdom on Wednesday Vulnerability at Work: How Much is Too Much?

Vulnerability in the workplace is a 21st century skill get after. Revealing bits and pieces of our personal story to…

August 17, 2022 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday How to Shift Your Company Culture

For me, the inspiration for Prophit Co.’s focus on customer experience stems back to my upbringing and witnessing how my…

February 2, 2022 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday How to Be Happier at Work

As much as we aim to leave work at home, we never really can. We’re human and we will still…

January 12, 2022 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Spiraling Up or Down?

A few weeks back I shared some hard news with you. Our family land “up nort” as we say in…

August 25, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Can We Just Be Real for a Moment?

People are drawn to authenticity and openness now more than ever. There’s no doubt. In truth, I think society is…

July 14, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday A Hidden Crisis

The shiny, little red Porsche, the hair plugs, the new, on trend shoes. We’ve all heard of the notion of…

June 16, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Leave an Indelible Mark

You’ve heard of Disney magic, I’m sure. But, have you ever experienced it? Years back, my wife Danica and I…

May 12, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday What’s Your Battle Cry?

I’m convinced our society is silently screaming for this one thing more than anything else on Earth. In our highly…

March 31, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Show—Don’t Tell

The very first Servant Leaders of Wisconsin (SLOW) event is coming soon! This eagerly anticipated, FREE event will take place…

March 3, 2021 Read

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