Striking a Healthy Equilibrium as a Working Women with Gifty Enright

Tuesday, August 8, 2023 - Prophit Co.

Striking a Healthy Equilibrium as a Working Woman with Gifty Enright

In navigating the workplace as a mother, Gifty Enright drove herself into burnout as she attempted to maintain balance. After seeking medical treatment and performing much research, she was able to strike a healthy equilibrium.

Today, her mission is to help other women in the workforce to avoid the same pitfalls she faced.

Tune in to hear:
o How societal constructs place undue weight on women’s shoulders
o How leaders can adapt an equity mindset to enhance their team’s success
o Why a focus on outcomes in the workplace win the day
o How to start taking control when you easily become overwhelmed

Connect with Gifty: https://giftyenright.com/contact/

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